Classroom Activities for the Maya Empire for Teachers and Kids Illustration

Maya Empire for Kids
Classroom Actvities

Here are some classroom activities to help make your study of the ancient Maya interesting and fun.

Set the stage: Door into your classroom: Create an entrance to the Maya Civilization with hieroglyphics along both sides of the frame of your door, which is open right now. Over the entry to your classroom, label your doorway YUCATAN PENINSULA.

Confidence Building Shields Activity (Donn)

Vocabulary Words

Make your own death mask, and Make your own Maya headdress

Find your Maya spirit companion

How to make a Maya Book, how to make a stela in the classoom, and how to write your name in hieroglyphics with chart

Maya Math Activity

Make your own Maya Chatterbox (scroll down)

Maya Snakes and Ladders game, download with instructions - teaching Maya timeline

Make your own Maya chocolate drink, and Make a chocolate pot

Play the Maya ballgame activity

Review Game to Close Our Unit on the Incas, Mayas, Aztecs: The Game of Skill and Chance (Donn)

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